Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of ChemCaper® EDU Account?

ChemCaper® EDU Account is for schools and educators to purchase ChemCaper licenses (also known as Ed-Venture Passes) in bulk, and manage the accounts via the Dashboard.

Schools and educators may sign up for an EDU Account, then log in to the Dashboard to purchase additional licenses. After that, educators may assign each license to each of their students and oversee their progress.

2. What are the differences between Ed-Venture Passes under EDU Account & Paid App?

EDU Account Paid App
Compulsory login to game? Yes No
Access to which versions? EDU versions only:
EDU for PC
EDU for Android
Paid App versions only:
Obtained by? Invited by EDU Account holder (Schools and educators) Self sign-up from ChemCaper website