Meaningful Learning

ChemCaper frees you from groping for a compelling reason that your student HAS to care about how to store reactive metals or draw a centrifuge.

Increased Engagement

Help your students spend more time knowing and less time memorizing.

ChemCaper's game mechanics encourages learning through interaction, exploration, and trial and error.

Creates Class Time

ChemCaper is designed for your students to learn outside of the classroom freeing you to teach them real world issues beyond the compulsory syllabus.

Where is the Chemistry in ChemCaper® EDU?

Chemical Bonding

Petticle Bonding

The intangible made visible. Easily anchor your teaching and your students' understanding of how it works!

Periodic Table

World Map

Retention in the long term. Ease of teaching elements and their groups will be at your fingertips.

Separating Techniques

Potion Making

Safe, repeatable, purposeful experiments. Say goodbye groping for reasons why they need to learn this!

Draw Apparatus

Tracing Mini Game

Turn your students into masters of apparatus drawing minus the pain of pointless repetition!

Elements & Compounds


Cute atoms and molecules that become loveable and memorable to boys and girls alike.

Why Students Love ChemCaper

They Used ChemCaper to Study for O-Levels

"It's extremely adorable. The characters are like little fighting warriors. Whatever apparatus, experiments and stuff we are doing, it's actually applicable to the real world and what we are studying for IGCSE"

Kah Yan, 16

"ChemCaper gets straight to the point. You know how a test tube is supposed to be used. In a textbook they'll tell you it's a test tube but you may not be clear about what it's for"

Kah Mun, 16

"A lot of people don't find "science" entertaining but ChemCaper actually makes science entertaining!"

Dharan, 12

"I actually wanted to know more about our future, since in secondary school I am going to be learning chemistry. So, might as well start now"

Nikkhael, 12

Multi Award Winning EDU Game

IMGA (SEA) 2016

International Mobile Games Award
Best Meaningful Play

IMGA (Global) 2016

International Mobile Games Award
Best Meaningful Play
- Nominee


Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award
Best E-Learning

See Why ChemCaper® EDU Works


The Internet has been abuzz with the wonders of Finnish Education. How does ChemCaper measure up by their standards?


"A full-blown, highly-developed mega game that mixes in Chemistry to form a solution that is like none other!" - Educational App Store


Would you be more comfortable knowing that ChemCaper was produced by schools that have been featured in the Cambridge University Student Union four years running?


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